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CAFE is facilitating some exciting professional development
opportunities for faculty here at Missouri S&T.

Certification for Online Teaching - FAQ

UMSystem Initiatives

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  • Faculty Guild



CAFE will be hosting open office hours. This is an opportunity for instructors who have questions to drop in and get assistance.

WHEN? Tuesdays from 10-11 a.m. and on Fridays from 1-2 p.m. 

WHERE? Online via Zoom on Tuesdays and Fridays.


CAFE staff are also available to meet online via Zoom by appointment.

We’re happy to assist in any way we can. Contact us by email at cafe@mst.edu or by phone at 573-341-6713.


Need more information on Remote Technologies or teaching onLine? 5G的到来越来越近了 “Wi-Fi将死”并非危言耸听 - cnr.cn:2021-12-19 · 5G的到来越来越近了 “Wi-Fi将死”并非危言耸听 “随着5G应用的落地和相应资费的下调,Wi-Fi所具有的这些优势都将被弱化,在某种程度上来说‘Wi-Fi将死’这一判断并非危言耸听。


For all CAFE events check out our event calendar.


 New Faculty Orientation

  • Tuesday, Aug. 18, and Wednesday, Aug. 19, 8 a.m.-3 p.m.
  • Reserve your spot for the in person or remote activities here  
  • Learn about Missouri S&T, get acclimated to campus, and meet people who can help you be successful at S&T



eFellows Awards

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  • “Course Design: Historical Representation in Video Games (History 4281),” Andrew Behrendt, assistant professor, history and political science, $5,000.
  • “American Literature Since the Civil War, Significant Course Revision and Redesign (English 1222),” Trent Brown, professor, English and technical communication, $2,500.
  • “Philosophy 1115 Introduction to Logic,” Darin Finke, associate teaching professor, arts, languages, and philosophy, $3,500.
  • “CS Software Engineering Capstone Design (CS 4090, CS 4091),” Michael Gosnell, assistant teaching professor, computer science, $4,000.
  • “Course Redesign Computer Engineering 2210 – Intro to Digital Logic,” Robert Woodley, assistant teaching professor, electrical and computer engineering, $5,000.

The provost’s eFellows program provides funding to improve the learning environment while maximizing the physical learning facilities available for instruction. Support is provided by the CAFE instructional designers using best practices for eLearning. Projects will be piloted in at least one course section in academic year 2020, and expanded to additional course sections in the following semesters. For more information about the Provost’s eFellows program, visit http://znhja.turbotwinsfitness.com/fundingprograms/efellows/

Research and Scholarship Resources

  • Office of Sponsored Programs
  • University of Missouri Research Board
  • Academic Analytics
  • Technology Transfer and Economic Development
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning resources
  • Scholars Mine Repository
  • SelectedWorks Author Gallery at S&T
  • SelectedWorks Faculty Profiles

Teaching and Pedagogy Resources

  • Educational Research Mini-Grant program
  • eFellows program
  • Instructional Design Team
  • Teaching Partners mentoring 
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning resources
  • Look Up Course Evaluations
  • 海外永久免费软件加速器
  • Evaluating Teaching: An Intercampus Faculty Council Report

Service and Leadership Resources

  • S&T Service Learning Program
  • UM System Leadership Development Program
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